About Louise

Louise Firetree

Louise is a highly intuitive medicine woman, working with nature, plants and spirit to help people and animals return to wholeness. Harnessing a deep connection to the ancient wisdom of nature and spirit, she brings this to the present, living in our busy modern world. This allows her to bring insights and healing that often manifest in the physical world, by reconnecting mind, body, heart and soul.

Holding a safe space with a compassionate heart, for clients to be as they are in the moment and facilitating their healing process. Also facilitating workshops, meditations and ceremonies that focus on reconnecting people to their true nature, empowering them to remember their own healing and path.

Exploring Celtic Roots & South American Connections

Louise began her path with spirit at a very young age, often finding solace in plants, animals and nature, growing up connected with the lands and elemental spirits of Ireland and Scotland. She has travelled to Peru, Brazil, Mexico and Guatemala, beginning the journey of blending her training through South American Medicine with continued exploration of her deep roots in Celtic Traditions. This particular path connects spirits, ancestors, plant medicines and lands together in order to facilitate an accelerated approach to healing and ceremonial work.  In this time of rapid change and the impact on the earth as well as its inhabitants, a new approach is needed that is infused with the great wisdom of these ancient traditions.

Louise is  fully qualified as an Advanced Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Healer, Reiki 11 and Thai Massage Therapist.

Living Shamanically

It is a true passion of mine to walk the talk so that I can be fully present in my life and with my clients, authenticity is a continuous practice. So I have a natural discipline in my personal yoga, meditation & nature connection practices. I also continue my studies in areas that have weaved themselves very naturally into the way that I live and work.

Current Training/Studies:

Advanced Practitioner with Edinburgh Shamanic School

Sexual Awakening for Women Facilitator with Shakti Milan

Doula training with Red Tent Doulas

Herbal & Plant Medicine

Astrology with New Paradigm Astrology