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Celtic Wisdom:

Exploring the Four Directions

Tuesday 7th May 2019 - Tuesday 4th June 2019

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The universe works in circles and spirals, the spinning of the Earth on its orbit, which brings the cycles of day and night, the moon and seasons. Many ancient traditions have their medicine wheel based on the land that they were living. The Native American Medicine wheel from North America is the best known, however the Celtic Medicine Wheel relates to the elements, seasons, trees, animals and wisdom of this land.

Taking a journey through the Celtic Medicine Wheel in 4 sessions, we will introduce some themes around each direction, how we can work with this direction for guidance and healing, guided meditation, shamanic journeying for deeper exploration and calling on the wisdom of the trees. The trees are the knowledge and medicine keepers, many have properties for healing, divination, protection and more. As they are deeply connected to the cycles of the earth, they can teach us how to stay grounded yet adaptable to the cycles of life.

In addition we will focus on how you can connect with the elements and directions in your everyday life and help to use the medicine wheel like a map for rebalancing when you are confused, stuck or in need of healing. These can be applied to many aspects of life including personal growth, general guidance, work, projects and relationships.

Hazel Ogham

Hazel Ogham


Air. Mental. Breath. Spring. Hazel
East relates to the element of Air, the mental realm, our childhood and can bring us the gifts of inspiration, clarity, communication, change and new beginnings. Air can bring a whisper of insight and guidance or the force of truth to clear the way for new paths to emerge. We will connect with the wisdom of the Hazel Tree relate to Imbolc, the celebration of the beginning of Spring in the Celtic calendar.

Hawthorne Ogham

Hawthorne Ogham


Fire. Spiritual. Creativity. Summer. Hawthorn
South relates to the element of Fire, the spiritual realm, our youth and can bring us the gifts of purification, protection, creativity and manifestation into action. The fire also teaches us about the warmth of our hearts. We will connect with the wisdom of the Hawthorn Tree and relate to Beltane, the celebration of the beginning of Summer in the Celtic calendar.

Willow Ogham

Willow Ogham


Water. Emotions. Compassion. Autumn. Willow
West relates to the element of Water, the emotional realm, our adulthood and can bring us the gifts of feeling, cleansing, healing and compassion. The west connects us to the sacred waters, our blood, our ancestors and teaching us to flow through life. Water can be a calm, still lake or the strong current of a waterfall to bring about movement and change. We will connect with the wisdom of Willow Tree and relate to Lammas, the celebration of the beginning of Autumn in the Celtic Calendar.

Elder Ogham

Elder Ogham


Earth. Physical. Abundance. Winter. Elder
North relates to the element of Earth, the physical realm, our elder years and can bring us the gifts of abundance, grounding, strength and fertility. The North connects us to our bodies and how we rely on the Earth for our nourishment and support. We will connect with the wisdom of Elder Tree and relate to Samhuinn, the celebration of the beginning of Winter in the Celtic Calendar


What is Included?

  • A weekly Live Group Zoom call (these are recorded so don’t worry about missing live sessions)

  • A weekly Guided Meditation

  • Suggested practices to assist you to connect with the trees and the directions

  • An energetic container held by Firetree


£108 Early Bird (if booked before 1st May)

£144 Full Price (if booked after 2nd May)

For those with special circumstances, we reserve limited space for those with financial difficulty or extenuating circumstances that feel called to join us for this deeply transformative work.

Payment plans are also available, please get in touch to see what can be arranged.