What is Shamanism?

Shamanism originates from the ancient wisdom found across many indigenous cultures all over the world. It is a living practice rather than a religion or doctrine, so it's very nature is non-denominational. A Shaman connects with the spirit world in order to bring the healing, messages and restore the balance in this world.  The earth and the natural world are also an important part of shamanism as traditionally Shaman's lived in harmony with the world around them, often gathering herbs, wood, stones, feathers and skins to create tools and offerings that helped them with their work.

Within the indigenous tribes, a shaman or medicine person was an integral part of the tribe as they would work with spirit and nature to treat illnesses or imbalances in the people or animals. They would have many spirit helpers or power animals that would help them with this work, as well as working with the spirit allies of those that they were treating.

What is Celtic Shamanism?

Celtic Shamanism originates predominantly from the lands of Ireland, Scotland and Britain, but pre-celtic traces also extend into Europe. The celtic medicine people were often known as Druids and like many ancient cultures, much of the lore has been passed by aural tradition. However, many traces can be found across archeological sites such as stone circles, caves, stone carvings and neolithic mounds across Britain and Ireland.

As my roots are from Northern Ireland and currently living in Scotland, I feel a particularly strong calling to work with the herbs, trees, animals and elemental spirits from these lands. Although I do have training and background in North and South American traditions, my core roots are in the Celtic tradition.

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing can take many forms, as it works with the person, animal, spirit or place to help return them to “wholeness.” The practitioner may journey into the spirit world on behalf of the client, guide the client through their own journey or work with spirit using a variety of sounds, movements or tools. It is an energy-based practice that uses various methods to clear blockages or unhelpful energies as well as channelling spirit or healing energy. There is a real focus on empowering the client for their own healing journey, often acknowledging the messages brought from spirit and integrate them into their lives.

A range of health issues or imbalances in life can be treated, as they are seen as a manifestation of on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. It is believed that an imbalance on one level can affect all other levels. For example, stress is often perceived on a mental or emotional level, but it is proven to have effects on the physical. Furthermore, there may be patterns in an individual's life that have created that stress that shamanic work can help to address.

What should I expect in a session?

There will be an initial consultation at the beginning of each session to set the focus, answer any questions and make you feel at ease. It can be helpful to think about the issues, patterns or wounds that you would like to work on before the session, but it isn't necessary if you are unsure as it can often change in the moment. 

Shamanic healing can use a combination of hands on or hands off and you will remain fully clothed and lying down throughout. The practitioner will begin with 'smudging' by burning herbs or incense such as sage or palo santo to clear and calm the energy around you. Throughout the session, the practitioner may use healing tools such as drums, rattles, singing bowls, stones, feather, breath, sound, spoken word, chants or song.

How do I arrange a session?

Louise offers one-to-one shamanic healing sessions in Edinburgh or distant sessions via Phone/Skype. Sessions are based in Summerhall Yoga, Edinburgh,  please arrange with me directly. If you live in Edinburgh, home visits may be arranged. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch via the info below or the contact page.

If you prefer, you are welcome to a free initial 20 minute consultation which allows the opportunity for you to find out more about what I can offer and if you feel comfortable we can agree on potential approaches.