Distant Healing: Ancient Technology in a Modern World

Louise drumming.jpg

In a modern world with technologies such as Facetime, Skype, virtual reality, flying in large metal objects we can now cross the physical boundaries time and space. Ancient technologies have been able to do so across many realms for thousands of years, it can been seen across many cultures or religions as they have been using similar traditions, teachings and techniques. This is one of the many reasons that makes it possible to provide Reiki or Shamanic Healing as distance sessions. Many ancient cultures view all of life as energy, every atom has a vibration as does every object or living being. Therefore it is a relatively simple process of sending a loving prayer to a loved one, people or a cause in need. For a healing session to take place it uses the same logic and the same protocols as a healing in person, the difference is that it creates a sacred space in two distant physical locations.

What to expect?

We will arrange an appointment that fits with your schedule/timezone which usually takes 1 or 1.5 hours. I ask that you ensure that you make yourself comfortable in a quiet, relaxed environment where you will not be disturbed. The session will take place as if you were with me in person as I open a sacred space around you, a safe channel between us and where I am. We can have a video or phone chat if needed, but it is not necessary throughout the session, the initial conversation and closing are most important.

As with all shamanic healing sessions, sometimes a drum, rattle, sound, breath, voice or tools are used in the session. In Reiki sessions the work is done almost completely in silence, sometimes music is used as a support.

Will I feel anything?

As with a hands on healing session, some people feel physical sensations in the body, emotions or thought patterns arising and sometimes experience visions. These are not necessary for the healing to have “worked,” often a state of relaxation and feeling at peace is perceived and that can be perfect. In some cases, clients fall asleep with no recollection of what happened, that is also completely fine, the work will always be beneficial in some way. It is often the case that the re-balancing will continue in the hours and days following a session, dreams are a helpful guide to process the emotions or sensations that have come up.

How do I arrange a session?

Simply get in touch with Louise to arrange a time that works for you. If you prefer, you are welcome to a free initial 20 minute consultation which allows the opportunity for you to find out more about what I can offer and if you feel comfortable we can agree on potential approaches.