Shamanic Bodywork

shamanic massage

I am a fully trained Shamanic Practitioner and Thai Massage Therapist, so I am able to offer a unique combination of these therapies as "Shamanic Massage" or "Shamanic Bodywork."  This way of working has the advantage of working on all levels, physical, spiritual, emotional and mental to access the core of of the issue. Often the root cause of a physical injury or ailment has an emotional root cause, so by combining working on both levels it can assist in more effective treatment. The use of meridians which consist of energy channels and points on the body are used which give the body specific signals to release blockages and encourage flow once again. These blockages can occur in the organs, muscles, joints, skeletal structures and bodily systems.

The client will remain fully clothed throughout the session as a blend of energy work and massage is used, this is deeply relaxing but also very effective and beneficial in bringing a fully holistic approach for acute or long standing illnesses, pain or injury.

Thai Massage

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Thai Massage is an ancient form of massage that originated with Buddhist Monks in Thailand. It involves acupressure and gentle "yoga" style stretches to bring a deep state of relaxation, release of tension and encouraging a natural flow of movement in the body.  Thai massage works on all parts of the body from the feet up to the head, which can be very effective in treating a range of physical injuries or ailments, particularly for back pain.

This particular style of Thai massage is more gentle and flowing, but firm when needed so pressure is always adjusted to the client's particular needs using palms, thumbs, elbows or feet. The client remains fully clothed throughout the session, so light clothing that allows freedom of movement is recommended.