Womens Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

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Womens Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

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When women gather together in circle with Mama Cacao, a magical unfolding happens, the layers of patriarchal conditioning begin to dissolve as we open our hearts and free up into the flow of Shakti. In this ceremony we will honour the primordial cosmic energy of Shakti by inviting her in. Exploring how we can work with her in order to revitalise our whole body and being.

By honouring our sacred sexuality, we can access a well of life force that can be an extremely potent self-healing modality. As the focus is on embodying and re-directing the energy flow in our bodies so that it can be used for bringing us into our spiritual and sexual sovereignty.

This is for women of all ages, born or identified and who would like to awaken their sexuality, let go of conditioned sexual patterns, love their bodies; connect to their bliss, create healthy relationship, ignite their creative potential and open to the sacredness of their sexuality.

We will explore practices that involve body meditation, breath, sound and movement that will free our minds and bodies, allowing us to connect and dance with Shakti. There will also be a time for some radical self-care with a long "Savasana" style letting go for integration.

As a potent healer, Cacao medicine helps us to open our hearts, connect with our inner wisdom and creativity so that we can dissolve our blockages and create new pathways into being. Ix Cacao brings us grounding into our bodies and can help us open up to feeling and sensing more deeply. Mama Cacao is a very feminine and creative medicine so she will help us to explore our womb space and sacred sexuality in a soft yet powerful way.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding it is very healthy and a potent time for you and your baby, a smaller dose is recommended. Your baby will tell you :-). Please let us know so we can ensure that we create the right mix for you.

Contraindications: This medicine does not mix well with anti-depressants or anti-pyschotics. Please talk to us if you have any doubts such as heart or blood pressure.

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