Ecstatic Birth Workshop:Birthing with Pleasure

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Ecstatic Birth Workshop:Birthing with Pleasure

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  • Would you like to explore ways that you can have a more gentle or even pleasurable birth? Would you like to find out how to create the right environment for a safer birth? An antidote for the mind to help you to focus and allow your body to do what it needs to do?

Ecstatic birth, or at the very least encouraging a more comfortable and gentle birth. It will be very informative but with greater focus on experiential aspects to introduce women to techniques that they can use for birth preparation as well as during the birth itself. The environment best suited to ecstatic birth is similar to the environment best suited to intimate love making – quiet, dark and private.

What will be shared with you:

– What Ecstatic Birth looks like

- Exploring birth as an altered state of consciousness

– Using breath, sound and movement to prepare the mind&body

– What you can do to support the environment for Ecstatic Birth

"To clarify—orgasmic birth does not necessarily mean you experience orgasm but that you birth connected to your body and your baby with feelings of ecstasy and release, as supported by normal physiology. When mothers don’t have this experience, it is usually due to environmental factors and/or interventions that disrupt the process. Orgasmic birth is not a performance standard, but it is a human birthright!”

–Elizabeth Davis

This workshop is open to expecting mothers or women who would like to become mothers. Birthworkers are also welcome.

What to Bring:

Please bring a cushion and blanket or whatever you need to be comfy

A journal and pen

Water or tea to keep you going

Something for the altar (this is optional and you will get it back)

About Louise

Firetree is a Medicine Woman who has facilitated meditations, women's circles, Cacao ceremonies and workshops for women, including Moon Circles, Red Tent and Wild Woman over the years. Her deep connection with nature, spirit and the divine feminine has always given her a deep roots. Empowering women through holding sacred space, reconnecting them to the cycles of the moon, menstruation, the earth and womb space. Louise's practices often have a strong celtic influence due to her Irish roots as well as combining techniques from Shamanic practices and Sacred Sexuality. Louise has trained with Shakti Malan as a Sexual Awakening for Women Facilitator and with Red Tent Doulas to hold space for gentle birth.

My Intention

It is my intention to serve as a guide for women to empower themselves and explore their own sexuality, spirituality and birth preferences. I wish to create a safe space and facilitate women through their own process, where they are at, rather than push towards a certain goal or outcome. This workshop will focus on exploring gateways of possibility and opening the doors for women to feel empowered to make their own choices.

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