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Cacao Alchemy Online Course: Level One

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Would you like to connect to the spirit of Mama Cacao and explore how to work with her within your own practice and ceremonies? Perhaps you have already been introduced, but wish to go deeper by cultivating an authentic relationship with and open up to new ways to work with this Powerful Plant Teacher? Are you a practitioner or therapist who would like to explore working with plant medicine alongside your existing practice?

This is your invitation to join with Mama Cacao and co-facilitated with Firetree, going into exploration and communion with Mama Cacao. In this Cacao Alchemy Level One training you will learn how to connect with this sacred plant medicine in your own unique way, developing your gifts and offering you the foundation to share with friends & family. This course will enable you to weave with Mama Cacao into your own practice as a facilitator, healer, therapist, bodyworker, yoga teacher, art therapist, breathwork facilitator, massage therapist and more. As you open up to tending to the soil, laying the foundations from your own practice and seeds to be sown for a blossoming of a beautiful relationship with this love medicine.

Mama Cacao is known as being “Love Medicine” and also a powerful bridge between the spirit world and physical world through which we can open to the portal space of the heart chakra. She can help us to “soften the edges” of our ego mind and connect to deeper listening to spirit through our own heart, body & soul. This course will help you to develop authentic relationship with and way of working with Cacao that is uniquely yours, within the context of integrating into everyday life. With purity of heart, intention and relation she can bring beautiful healing, insights and transformation into our lives and those that we hold space for.

Coming into the heart(h) is a metaphor for coming home into our heart fire, our home and so it is a great privilege to be able to connect with Mama Cacao in this way from our own homes. Working within our own rhythm and schedule as well as the unique design of this course to include self-care at the heart of it. This is the perfect container for us to drop in with the inner and outer landscapes, moving away from a very “yang” way of I must learn or do a course/training into the “yin” way of exploring and deepening, opening and receiving for the teachings or inspiration to come through. This course lays the foundation for you to explore in your own time which is the key to entering into authentic communion with Mama Cacao. This way if you do decide that you wish to work with ceremonial cacao sacrament in ceremonies, part of existing offerings or a helpful guide into new offerings you will be ready for the next level of guidance to come through.