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Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

  • Leith Yoga 130/7 Leith Walk Edinburgh, Scotland, EH6 5DT United Kingdom (map)

Do you feel that you are working hard but not achieving as much as you would expect? Perhaps you find yourself overwhelmed by what life is throwing at you and you never seem to quite "get there". This Full Moon is the perfect time to slow down and acquire patience with the process, allowing more space to drop out of the mind and into the heart.

Sat 8th July 4.00 - 8.00 pm (please arrive 3.45pm to get settled)

£35 (waged)
£30 unwaged/benefits/students/OAPs
use discount code UBSOAP

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Ix Cacao is known as the "Food of the Gods" and has been an important teacher in ceremonial context amongst the Incan, Aztec and Mayan Tribes. A strong yet gentle heart opener can allow us to drop in and dissolve blockages or patterns that we may hold on to consciously or unconsciously. Cacao also works with the nervous system and the guts, teaching us to feel into our instincts, our own innate intelligence. Sound, drumming, movement, chakra toning and journeying will help us to truly drop into spirit with this deep practice.

About the medicine

Mama Cacao is a potent healer, this plant medicine helps us to connect with our inner wisdom and creativity so that we can dissolve our own blockages and create new pathways into being. Cacao is particularly helpful for heart and hara activation, opening up the channels and creating permanent changes.

Cacao is likely to make you feel more alive from the inside in a gentle, loving way. This is due to the effects of the many stimulating, warming and feel good natural chemicals it contains. Please be aware that this may keep you awake for a few hours after the ceremony, however most people find they want to rest very shortly afterwards as it takes them quietly within.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding it is very healthy and a potent time for you and your baby, a smaller dose is recommended. Your baby will tell you :-).

Contraindications: This medicine does not mix well with anti-depressants or anti-pyschotics. Please contact Louise at if you are taking these medications or have any conditions such as heart or blood pressure.


To prepare the physical body some preparation and cleansing is recommended and full details will be sent in advance. This will mostly involve refraining from dairy, alcohol and caffeine for 3 days, most importantly for 24hours before and after the ceremony.

It is also advised if you can plan for a restful evening and day after the ceremony, although it won't affect your daily activities, there is still some processing happening at a physical and emotional level for a few days.

Also consider your intention for this ceremony, what do you wish to invite in, let go of or ask help with? Intentions are very useful tools for communicating with plant medicine and creating an anchor for us to focus throughout the ceremony. It can be precise or unpolished, just give it some thought and if it comes in the moment, that is fine too.

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