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Gathering the Fruits: New Moon Online Ritual

  • Zoom Online Video Conference (map)
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The New Moon is often a time to "Gather In" to make intentions for the next month or cycle and give offerings to the moon and land. It is also the Celtic festival of "Lammas" or in Old Irish Gaelic “Lughnasad,” the celebration of the first harvest and named after the Celtic Sun God, Lugh. It is a very potent time to work with gratitude for all that we have received and all that we are yet to receive. The sun and earth have provided an abundance of fruits, flowers, herbs and berries over the summer and soon we will gather the grains that we need for the coming months. In order to bring in what we wish to call into our lives, we first must give gratitude for all that we have received, this is the natural law of reciprocity.

Creating sacred space, ceremony or ritual was a part of our everyday lives and weaved the fabric of human and other beings together since our ancestors lit the very first fire. It is my passion in life to share with you ways of remembering and bringing them into modern day living. How wonderful it is that we can work with modern technology to share access to these ancient technologies!

"In these modern times, it is crucial for us to reconnect with the rhythms and cycles of the earth in order to reconnect us with our bodies, harmony with the land and the essential nature of life." Firetree

Date: Thurs 1 August

Time: 6-8pm UTC (please arrive 5-10mins early to get settled)

Location: Zoom Webinar

Link will be sent you via email upon booking

To Book:

15% Discount Concessions: CONC15

With the sacred circle we will work with meditation, sound, breath and journeying to move out any blockages that do not serve us and generate the vibration that matches us with that which we wish to receive. Working with visualisation, embodiment and gratitude you will learn tools that will help you to get out of your own way and invite abundance into your life.

Things to prepare:

  • A safe space where you will not be disturbed (ideally alone or with someone else who is also joining, however, babies and children are welcome, all mics are on mute unless speaking)

  • A candle or fire

  • Herbs, Incense, Resins or smudge sticks to burn as offerings or clear the space

  • Herbs, tobacco, oats, seeds etc as offerings for the earth (you can place them in the earth afterwards or into potpourri or a plant pot/pot of soil

  • Consider what you are grateful for in your life and what you would like to gather in