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Summer Solstice Cacao Ceremony

  • Santosa Yoga 21 Albert Street Edinburgh, Scotland, EH7 5LH United Kingdom (map)
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The birds are singing, the trees and flowers are blossoming, it is time to celebrate the midsummer! Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year, a moment to celebrate the joy and fire in our hearts with community. Would you like to experience the connection of ceremony to be with your spirit and receive healing from the solar energy through soul retrieval?

Fridayy 21st June, 7-10.30 pm (please arrive 6.45 to get settled):

Earlybird (Cacao Only): £35 per person (if booked by 18 June)

Earlybird (Cacao & Morning): £55 per person (if booked by 18 June)

Full Price (Cacao Only): £40 (if booked on or after 19 June)

Full Price (Cacao & Morning): £68 (if booked on or after 19 June)

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Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to a friend, or the following ceremony. Please give at least 24 hours notice.

*optional overnight stay for morning prayers, movement meditation and breakfast. We will close by 11am.

Any questions please contact Firetree:
07970282533 or

The Summer Solstice is celebrated across the world, however, it is particularly important for the Celtic and Mayan Lands where the cycles of nature are acknowledged as an intrinsic part of life. The Earth’s axis has its maximum tilt towards the sun, giving us the longest day but also gives the vision of the “arrow pointing to the sun.” The sun is seen as the source, the father and also reflects back to our hearts, we will cultivate this energy working with “soul retrieval” to call in parts of ourselves that may have been lost so that we can return to our full potential. Mama Cacao can be a helpful guide in this process as she brings us back to our centres as well as clearing our body and energetic field of emotional, mental or physical toxins.

About Soul Retrieval

This ceremony will guide you through a process of soul retrieval, empowering you to reclaim parts of yourself that may have been lost in this life or in past lives. We can lose soul parts through various shock, trauma or circumstances in our life. Such instances can include but not limited to the death of a loved one, a relationship breakup, sexual trauma, childhood trauma, physical/emotional abuse and accidents. In today’s society it doesn’t need to be a huge shock in our lives to cause fragmentation, the increased unhealthy use of technology as well as chemical filled foods or substances can also cause this.

We will explore practices that involve body meditation, shamanic drumming, breath, sound and movement that will free our minds and bodies, allowing us to connect and move from our authentic space.

About Cacao Medicine
Ix Cacao is known as the "food of the gods" and has been used by Mayan, Aztec and Inca tribes for thousands of years for ceremonial purposes. As a potent healer, this medicine helps us to open our hearts, connect with our inner wisdom and creativity so that we can dissolve our blockages and create new pathways into being. Ix Cacao brings us grounding into our bodies and can help us open up to feeling and sensing more deeply. Mama Cacao is a very feminine and creative medicine so she will help us to explore in a soft yet powerful way.

Cacao is likely to make you feel more alive from the inside in a gentle, loving way. This is due to the effects of the many stimulating, warming and feel good natural chemicals it contains. Please be aware that this may keep you awake for a few hours after the ceremony, however most people find they want to rest very shortly afterwards as it takes them quietly within.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding it is very healthy and a potent time for you and your baby, a smaller dose is recommended. Your baby will tell you :-). Please let us know so we can ensure that we create the right mix for you.

Contraindications: This medicine does not mix well with anti-depressants or anti-pyschotics. Please talk to us if you have any doubts such as heart or blood pressure.


To prepare the physical body some preparation and cleansing is recommended and full details will be sent in advance. This will mostly involve refraining from dairy, alcohol and caffeine for 3 days, most importantly for 24hours before and after the ceremony.

It is also advised if you can plan for a restful evening and day after the ceremony, although it won't affect your daily activities, there is still some processing happening at a physical and emotional level for a few days.

Also consider your intention for this ceremony, what do you wish to invite in, let go of or ask help with? Intentions are very useful tools for communicating with plant medicine and creating an anchor for us to focus throughout the ceremony. It can be precise or unpolished, just give it some thought and if it comes in the moment, that is fine too.

About Firetree:
Firetree is a highly intuitive and dedicated medicine woman who works predominantly with plants and energy healing to promote wholeness on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Fully qualified as a Shamanic Practitioner, Bodyworker and Forrest Yoga Teacher as well as receiving many initiations through plant medicine and Shamanic work.

She has travelled to Peru, Brazil, Guatemala and Mexico, blending her training through South American Medicine with continued exploration of her deep roots in Celtic Traditions. This particular path connects spirits, ancestors, plant medicines and lands together in order to facilitate an accelerated approach to healing and ceremonial work. In this time of rapid change and the impact on the earth as well as its inhabitants, a new approach is needed that is infused with the great wisdom of these ancient traditions.