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The Sovereignty Codes: Reclaiming & Decolonising our Ancestral Heritage

  • Earthship Fife Sustainable Communities Initiative, Kinghorn Loch, KY3 9YG Kinghorn United Kingdom (map)
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The sovereignty codes – A foundational weekend of earthkeeping, decolonisation, acknowledgement and transmutation brought to you by Firetree and Victoria Sinclair  27th Aprill

Earthkeepers and holistic practitioners, Firetree and Victoria Sinclair invite you to a Foundational weekend in emancipation, earth-keeping and opening up to the joy codes.   We will weave the oral tradition, with shamanic and earthkeeping practices – bridging native prophecies with tools you can take into your day to day practice offering a deep and safe space to transform the legacy of lack and colonisation, understand how it affects our many layers (multidimensional) being and how we can regain deep connection, sovereignty and community.

Saturday 27th April 10.30am - 4pm & Optional Cacao Ceremony 5.30pm-8.30pm

Energy Exchange: £75 for the day, plus optional Cacao ceremony £33, limited to 10 guests.

There are 2 payment plans available for those who are experiencing financial difficulty

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Saturday 27th April -  10.30am  - 4pm

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Day One

Yellow Lunar Seed Day – Acknowledging- Speaking to Scotland, speaking to our inner seed as the fractal

 ·      Acknowledgement – the first premise in trauma healing – acknowledging the ancestors, the ecosystem, the elementals, the water

·      Understanding the multidimensional aspects to trauma and decolonisation.  Drawing upon primary aspects of earthkeeping, geomancy and permaculture – understanding ‘lack’ patterning in this day and age and opening a grid to ‘give back’ and honour reciprocity

·      Archetypes and ‘dreaming’ – the collective consciousness and the key archetypes to decolonise – the victim, the perpetrator, the judge, the martyr and the rescuer.  Learning to divine the ‘bigger picture’ – and to bring it back to our core seed and personal parts and wounds

·      We will utilise IFS (internal family systems) to find our ‘parts’ and to map them.

·      To close the day of ‘acknowledging and seeding’  we will make land offerings to honour the many realms of the ecosystem and to ask for guidance to be in right relation and to step into abundant alignment with the landscape


Firetree and Victoria will share tools, codes and stories from their own healing journeys from their N.Irish/Scottish roots.  Please bring small offerings for the land to ‘acknowledge’ what has come before.


5.30 – 8.30pm

Optional Cacao and Quantum clearing and jumping ceremony with Firetree and Victoria

Both Victoria and Firetree have spent time in Guatemala with Keith  the Cacao Shaman and utilise this powerful bridge, heart and consciousness medicine to hold space for deep transformation to take place.     Firetree and Victoria will hold an ancestral journeying session accompanied by ‘quantum jumping’ which helps us to utilise the collective consciousness to clear residual codes and patterns.   


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We will utilise sacred portal energy work techniques from Sekhem healing to create a container for our transmuted, transfigured wishes for the grid in Scotland to be activated with our renewed, rejuvenated, abundant energies!   Please bring drums, rattles, JOY – we are here to emancipate and celebrate!   This will include Despacho offering –please bring offerings for this 2nd earth keeping ritual so that we can incant for the present and future for our own upgrading and those yet to come!

We will incorporate teachings from ecopsychology, postcolonial and trauma work, geomancy, psychotheraphy, yoga, Celtic and Q’ero shamanism and earthkeeping, energy work, intuitive approaches, plant medicine, the Galactic Mayan Calendar channelled information and divination.

What to Bring

There will be partial lunch provided (warm thing!) and teas through the day.  Please do bring some food to share to honour your contribution to stepping into the Unified, Tribal community consciousness.

Please bring something to our Ancestral Lunch feast – you will at lunch, explain why you are bringing this ingredient to honour those who have come before you

Please bring comfortable, warm clothes that will be fine for outdoors and sitting inside and please remember to bring some offers for the acknowledgement and the despacho

Do bring blankets and cushions to get comfy when indoors.

This is the seed of beginnings

We’re really excited about this as there are more earthkeeping experts and elders wishing to come up in the coming months.  The astrology on this particular week is perfect for activating visions and this constellation and training will form a deep foundation for those who wish to step up in this important time on the planet.

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Victoria Sinclair

Victoria is a healing facilitator from N.Ireland (curandera) with 20 years of experience working with numerous modalities. She is a transpersonal (eco)psychologist, trauma and postcolonial specialist and plant medicine practitioner and has been journeying and working extensively in Central and South America and Australia since 2006. She is a Culture Bridge for several tribes in Australia and South America, permitted to represent and relay messages for wisdom keepers in order to assist collective healing and awakening. Vicky is currently co-creating new healing blueprint models for trauma and consciousness awakening such as the Wounded Healer series which has been running in Manchester and Ibiza. In 2018 she launched the Lotus Programme which is a platform and courses for enabling people to transform beyond trauma and dependencies to realize their fullest potential 





Firetree is a highly intuitive and dedicated medicine woman who works predominantly with plants and energy healing to promote wholeness on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Fully qualified as a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Bodyworker and Forrest Yoga Teacher as well as receiving many initiations through plant medicine and Shamanic work.

She has travelled to Peru, Brazil, Guatemala and Mexico, blending her training through South American Medicine with continued exploration of her deep roots in Celtic Traditions. This particular path connects spirits, ancestors, plant medicines and lands together in order to facilitate an accelerated approach to healing and ceremonial work. In this time of rapid change and the impact on the earth as well as its inhabitants, a new approach is needed that is infused with the great wisdom of these ancient traditions.