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Mysteries of the Triple Goddess: 21 day Online Journey

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The Triple Goddess is immersive in Celtic & Neolithic spirituality, the sacred spirals of the Triskele can be found carved on many stones in the Celtic lands of Ireland, Scotland, Britain and beyond. Many Neolithic sites carry this symbolism as the central gateway into the deep mystery and carry the keys to awaken the ancient wisdom of creation in humanity. We will take a 21 day Journey to explore the key archetypes of the Maiden, Mother and Crone, aspects of the sacred feminine that is alive in us all.

Through this exploration we will awaken a remembering of the codes that we carry in our DNA, weaving through threads of ancient mythology and bringing it into the present, unfolding the living mystery. By cultivating a deep connection to mother earth, the land and these Goddess archetypes we can unearth a deep remembering of who we are and why we are here at this point in time in our lives.

The message that the Goddess brings is ultimately that of love, through the mysteries of her, we can tap into the power of creation and destruction, life and death, the light and the dark, the stillness that lies within it and the dissolving of tension/chaos/polarities that we carry inside. As we will take this 28 day journey leading up to Samhuinn, it is the perfect time to explore the cyclical nature of these archetypes, the symbology, nature and ourselves. How it can affect us on the physical, mental and emotional levels as well as our soul ecology.

Samhuinn is the Celtic celebration of the ending of Summer and beginning of Winter, the time when the Crone, or Cailleach is felt most strongly. She is the midwife that guides through the thresholds of life, death and the afterlife. The veils at this time are said to be at their finest more than any other time of the year. This is also the time that is most potent for honouring our ancestors and communicating with the spirit realm. As this is also the start of the Celtic New Year, it is a time of ending and beginning, the celebration of these cycles is of central importance to the cosmology within the Celtic Ways. We will honour this solar cycle as well as the lunar cycle which is in accordance to natural law, the way of honouring the passing of time in line with the inner and outer cycles.

This is for anyone who wishes to be introduced to or explore deeper the mysteries of the Triple Goddess or the Celtic Wisdom. This is very much in the traditional form of aural tradition in these Celtic lands, brought alive through modern technology to wherever you are in the world. We will explore these realms and archetypes through the mystical and physical, the Maiden, Mother and Crone in spirit through to the menstrual, birth and menopausal cycles in women. This primordial essence that moves through us all affects in different stages through life from birth, embodiment, creativity, sexuality, relationships to death. The transmissions will be deeply rich for all genders as we all carry these feminine archetypes and many have forgotten the sacred ways that she moves through us.

What you will receive:

  • 4 weekly Live Group Exploration (these are recorded so don’t worry about missing live sessions)

    • Live Zoom Calls: Mon 14th October, Mon 21st October, Mon 28th October, Closing & Sharing Sun 3rd Nov

    • Time: 7pm GMT/8pm UTC+1 (90mins)

  • A Facebook group to include all participants for sharing & community

  • A Guided Meditation for each week for you to absorb in your own time

  • Practices with each module to assist you to connect with yourself & the archetypes

  • Sacred transmissions & rituals held by Firetree


£56 Early Bird (if booked before 7th October)

£74 Full Price (if booked after 7th October)

Concession: Students, benefits, pensioners, low income Discount Code: CONC15

Enrolment will close on 13th October

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About Firetree

Firetree is a highly intuitive and dedicated Celtic Medicine Woman, Earthkeeper & Energy Alchemist who works predominantly with plants, energy healing, bodywork and ceremony to promote wholeness on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Fully qualified as a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Thai Massage Therapist, Yoga Bodyworker, Forrest Yoga Teacher and Birthkeeper as well as receiving many initiations through various lineages.

Growing up in N. Ireland & Scotland, connecting to plants, animals and spirit from a very early age; from the tender age of 15 reclaiming the sacred art of ritual in modern life. She has travelled to Central & South America, blending her training through South American Medicine with continued exploration of her deep roots in Celtic Lands & Traditions. This particular path connects spirits, ancestors, plant medicines and lands together in order to facilitate an accelerated approach to healing and ceremonial work. In this time of rapid change and the impact on the earth as well as its inhabitants, a new approach is needed that is infused with the great wisdom of these ancient traditions.

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