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Wild Woman Weekend Retreat

  • Wooplaw Community Woodland Galashiels (map)

It is time to answer to that which calls you to unleash the Wild Woman, howl at the moon and move to the rhythm of your own body. We will immerse ourselves in flow with the river, the harmony of the trees, the whispers of the wind and the dance of the fire. You will be held in a sacred, healing and wild space to allow you to explore freely. A sacred cacao ceremony will be a focal point of your journey to uncover new depths and allow the fire of your wild spirit to burn in wild abandon.

This weekend retreat aims to:

Allow you to dig deep into your powerful roots
Honour the divine feminine & allow her to flow through you
Connect with nature & embody the wild nature within you
Open yourself up to new ways of being through true self-expression
Explore a higher level of consciousness with sacred cacao
Create a space for sisterhood to thrive sharing stories, songs, poetry and more

What to expect
We will use meditation, sound and movement practices - helping us all to deeply connect with our divine feminine sexuality and empower our inner 'wild woman'. There will be drumming to call the spirits and free us of the obstacles that may stand in our path.

In movement we will be connecting deeply to the natural world around us, merging our energy with Mother Earth's and allowing a natural wild flow to emanate from deep within our wombs, from deep within the Mother's womb. As we connect with this infinite source of potential and creativity we also tap our innate peace and stillness, the wellspring of vitality and joy.

We will share a ceremony with a sacred cacao elixir to facilitate going deeper into embodying our divine wild feminine power and create new pathways into being. Mama Cacao is a potent healer, making us feel more alive from the inside, connecting us more deeply into our wombs and our hearts.

We will be in a semi-private community woodland with a small cabin, so we will be completely alone together in the wilderness at night. Camping gear, waterproofs and plenty of layers will be needed. If you have your own tent or can borrow, it is advisable to bring it along for your own use or to share with a friend(s).

Location: The location is approx 3.5 miles near Stow, parking is available as well as some lifts from the bus or train. The X95 bus from Edinburgh towards Hawick. Further directions will be provided when booking.

Arrival from 3pm to get set up and settled, no later than 7pm is best so that we can have a communal meal around the fire.

To fully embrace our wild woman, we will work together on setting up, meals and packing up so that we create the space and focus our energy together. 

Exchange: £80/£60 Waged/Unwaged
Meals and ceremony included, all food will be vegan. Please let us know of any additional dietary requirements.

To prepare the physical body some preparation and cleansing is recommended and full details will be sent in advance. This will mostly involve refraining from dairy, alcohol and caffeine for 3 days.

There are limited places, so booking in advance is essential

To book:

Please email and a deposit of £50 will secure your place.

The Facilitators

Louise Firetree has facilitated meditations, women's circles, sacred Cacao ceremonies and workshops for women, including Red Tent and Wild Woman over the years. These have been in many different landscapes from the city, to the hills, the woods and the desert. Her deep connection with nature, spirit and the divine feminine has always given her a sense of the wild. Empowering women through holding sacred space, reconnecting them to the cycles of the moon, the earth and their wombs. Louise's practices often have a strong celtic influence as well as combining techniques from Shamanic work, Reiki and Erotic Divinity.

Claire Swetha is an experienced facilitator of transpersonal shamanic work and spiritual self enquiry, and holds retreats at her centre in Fife, Greenside Retreat. Claire has always danced and even as a child, intuitively used 'trance dance' as a form of meditation and healing. She's always been a natural wild woman too, finding that a deep spiritual connection to 'wild' nature brings her ever closer to her femininity. She is also passionate about working with divine sexual energy as a powerful tool to transform and heal.